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In today's knowledge society, the demand for highly educated sections continuing education and is increasingly important. Because it's not always easy for a further study to combine your job and your family, provides the department Industrial Science and Technology of the Online University College (EHB) distance learning.

Distance learning means that some courses and bridging programs offered remotely, using ready-made courses and training materials, a digital learning environment and remote guidance. You can with maximum flexibility to study at your own pace and without being bound to fixed hours and places.

Naturally, a number of contact with you to make practical, get an explanation of the subject matter and solve exercises. These classroom activities will be held on Saturday, so they do not overlap with the regular working hours.

Do you already have a degree in higher education in your pocket or do you have experience in certain areas, you can qualify for exemptions based on competencies (Distance Learning MBA) or qualifications (prior qualifications). More information can be found at o9mba.blogspot.com . If you successfully complete the course, you will receive a bachelor's degree in Applied Informatics.

The Bachelor of Applied Science in distance is only offered in abbreviated form. You can start the course if you have one of the following qualifications:

Bachelor of Applied Science. Do you already have a BA degree in Applied Computer Science, but a different specialization, you will get an exemption for the general subjects and the bachelor thesis.
Graduate Systems Analysis (2 years)
Graduate Applied Science (two years or 3 years)
Bachelor of Multimedia and Communication Technology
Graduate Computer HOSP-CVO (3 years)
Degree in Multimedia and Communication Technology
Industrial computer science graduate HOSP (3 years)
Industrial Engineering (Computer Science or Electronic Engineering option)
Industrial Master of Science (Computer Science or Electronic Engineering option)
Master of Science degree

Practical information

Distance learning course involves an extensive use of tutorials and self-discipline. You will be coached through the electronic learning environment Dokeos (electronic learning materials, exercises, learning paths, forums, chat, online testing, etc.) and via email. A dozen times each academic year the department provides classroom activities on Saturday mornings.

The shortened program Bachelor of Applied Science in distance off the last week of September 2011 until the end of June 2012. Interim half-yearly examinations that you have you traveled to the college.

The Bachelor of Applied Science, you can achieve in 69 or 70 credits (credits). The abbreviated course is spread over two academic years, which are organized through distance learning. Specializing choose between "IT Business Management Solutions (SAP ®)" or "Network Management (CCNA).

For this program the normal tuition fees you can find on Distance learning MBA fees .

As a working student pays it worth to see whether you can use training vouchers from the Flemish Community. Depending on your salary and family situation, you can also count on a study of the Flemish Community. Do you qualify for this, please contact Distance learning MBA, the student facilities of the Online University College Brussels. Also check whether you can rely on study leave and training leave or reception.


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Distance Learning Course Involves

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Distance Learning Course Involves

This article was published on 2012/01/13