Recent News about The stop Of The Existence In 2012

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The news and rumours are circulating among people about the 2012 end of the world as many folks around the planet have raised the voice about the end of the Earth in 2012. The December 2012 is considered as the last December for the living one of this planet. It is assumed that it might blow up every thing in December 2012 and will smash every thing with it. You would not be more safe in skyscrapers or shock explanation buildings after that catastrophic event. It'll smash every thing with it starting from living ones to each nonliving thing. It is going to be equally damaging for non living ones as well as living ones. It will shock the world with perilous thunder and will blow up everything.

The high energy shock and sound waves will shatter everything into bits. Many of us accept that it's going to be the end of this whole world with the end of 2012 while there's other who used to believe that the idea of 2012 end of the planet isn't applicable to broader scale. It is thought that something may occur but that isn't sure to occur on such a bigger scale that it'll smash the whole world. It is some what possible to a degree that on some parts of the earth there'll be tremors while others will face volcanoes of blowing level. It's also predicted by some astronomers that sun will be right at the southern most pole and will stroke the earth with cosmic rays of high radiation.

These rays will not just make it impossible for the living ones to survive in the sun light but will also initiate a method of radio active rays that will make it absolutely certain that no one should left at the back to see that occuring. The man will get trapped by own production and installations. It is believed that these cosmic rays will cause the man made nuclear reactors to burst and emit radio active rays. These cosmic rays will supply the energy required to kick off the nuclear reactions. Each one knows about the power of elimination of these nuclear reactions.

No one can forget the eradication and after blast effects at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is very much clear that if this is going to happen we are probably going to face the music in terribly sour form. These are some predictions about the idea of 2012 end of the planet which make us regard it more keenly. It is some what shocking for each one of us if certainly it is going to occur then we want to stand by for it. Let us hope it must not happen the way that it is explained by some fellow humans.

Though it still is a thing which needs further elaboration to but it still is a note of caution for us for which we want to be prepared always.

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The end of the world predictions in 2012 may come to a surprise to many but some are prepared as the mayan calendar has predicted it by stopping is running date on the 21st of decmeber 2012. LEarn if it is true at

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Recent News about The stop Of The Existence In 2012

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This article was published on 2011/04/06