Science Projects For Summer Fun

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Science projects aren't usually thought of as a summer activity, but think again. Summer is a terrific time to let your kids have a great time exploring the fascinating world of science. Here are four reasons to add some science fun to lazy summer days.

1. Warm weather means you can do those messy projects outside! Whether you're working with a bottle rocket or foaming baking soda, science projects can be messy. Summer gives you the perfect chance to take those drips, spills and splatters outside. Cleanup is easy with a garden hose - and any stubborn stains will fade in the sun.

2. You have time to do the LONG projects. Often, there is a limited amount of time between the time a science project is assigned and the time of the science fair. In the summer, you have a lot of time. You can do time lapse photography on plants. Or you can study how soil erodes over a month of thunderstorms. If a project doesn't work the first go round, summer also offers a chance for a do over.

3. Kids have the chance to do in depth study. With all the other schoolwork and activities that happen during the school year, kids don't have the opportunity to really explore the subject of their science project. Summer science can include doing variations of the same experiment, reading novels relating to the topic, or taking field trips that will help bring the project to life.

4. Projects done in the summer can be saved for the school year. Avoid the last minute crunch for time by doing the science project during the summer. Keep good records, take pictures and video, and save file the science project so you won't lose it. Then, when science project time rolls around, you'll just have to add the report!

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Science Projects For Summer Fun

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This article was published on 2010/03/30